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Rocco’s big journey

[Article from New York Post, 16 July 2008]

Rocco and Natalie
Rocco and Natalie, reunited after 5 years

When her beagle, Rocco, squeezed himself under the backyard gate and disappeared into the streets of Queens, 5-year-old Natalie Villacis refused to believe – as her parents reluctantly told her – that she would never see the puppy again.

That was in 2003.

Last weekend, Rocco…

Dead pets saved from tip

[Feature article from Moreland Leader, 26 May 08]

Moreland Council has changed its procedures for handling dead pets after a Glenroy family’s dog was dumped at a tip in January.

The procedure overhaul followed a Leader report that microchipped pets without registration tags found dead on Moreland streets were dumped at Epping tip, with families left in the dark (Leader, January 21).

In a council report, city…


A member of the public brought an “abandoned” cat to the shelter claiming that the cat was very friendly (which it was) and stating that the cat had arrived on her doorstep last night. The person lived on an isolated farm and assumed that the cat had been dumped by some irresponsible owner.

The cat was scanned and a microchip was found. When we contacted the owner they were ecstatic. The…