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The case of the stolen Doberman

A girlfriend of mine, Kirsten, once bought a purebred Doberman called Traddles. At the time, microchipping was relatively new and was not well known in the community as a form of pet identification. However, Kirsten’s father, who was a vet, saw the value in microchipping and so microchipped Traddles.

Kirsten and Traddles enjoyed two years together until, one unfortunate day, Kirsten came home to find that Traddles was missing. She…

Charlie the kitten

Charlie the kitten was adopted from The Lost Dogs´ Home approximately 12 months ago. He was equipped with an National Pet Register tag and a microchip.

Charlie’s owner, Rebecca, adored Charlie, however unfortunately one day Charlie went missing. Rebecca and her family called everyone possible: the local council, The Lost Dogs´ Home and other shelters, and also put up posters. Alas, Charlie could not be found anywhere.

Approximately 12 weeks later Rebecca…

My cat Snoosels

A born wanderer, my cat Snoosels has two microchips and a collar with two tags. He has twice wandered off and because he was either intercepted or disorientated, been lost for weeks at a time.

About two years ago he went missing for five days and was found by a kind lady in a local park approximately 6km from home. The lady took Snoosels to the local vet clinic where he…