Dead pets saved from tip

[Article from Moreland Leader, 26 May 08]

Moreland Council has changed its procedures for handling dead pets after a Glenroy family’s dog was dumped at a tip in January.

The procedure overhaul followed a Leader report that microchipped pets without registration tags found dead on Moreland streets were dumped at Epping tip, with families left in the dark (Leader, January 21).

In a council report, city development director Roger Collins said the incident “highlighted a deficiency in Council’s current practice”.

He said that, under the new model, all dead pets would be scanned for microchip details. The remains would then be hygienically stored at the Lost DogsĀ“ Home in North Melbourne, and the owner called and allowed to collect their pet.

As part of the changes, the council has bought two microchip scanners to identify the pets.

The changes are set to cost council more than $3000 initially and $1700 each year.

But the council has assured ratepayers that the cost will be funded by existing registration funds and not be passed on to grieving families.

Cr John Kavanagh said the resolution was a positive step.

“This is an excellent outcome … council in the main has always worked with compassion, but these events showed our procedures needed some improvement,” Cr Kavanagh said.

Jenny McBride, whose family discovered their dog Jet was dumped in January, said the decision would bring peace of mind to families.

“If it is going to help someone else not go through what we have, then I’m all for it,” Ms McBride said.

She said she was now only waiting for an apology from council over the incident.

“Council still haven’t been in touch with us, no one has rung us … we’re still waiting.”