Back from the dead

[Article from the Brimbank Leader, 8 April 2008]

Pet owner Ray Welsh has a lasting reminder of the time his beloved dog Stimpy went missing in Brimbank.

Mr Welsh was so sure the mastiff-cross boxer had been hit by a car after he escaped from his Deer Park back yard that he had the dog’s name tattooed on his chest.

Four months on, and thanks to a microchip, the pair was reunited.


Mr Welsh has joined the council and its pound, The Lost DogsĀ“ Home, in urging residents to have their pets microchipped.

“If I didn’t have Stimpy microchipped there’s no way I would have got him back,” he said.

Last year the council collected 370 dead dogs and cats from local roads. They were scanned for microchips where possible, and owners informed.