Marmalade came in late for breakfast!

[Feature article from The Lost Dogs´ Home Newsletter, Autumn 2007]

Marmalade the cat with owner Allegra
Marmalade with owner Allegra

Cats are well known for staying out later than they should, but we reckon that Marmalade, a member of the Strauss family in East Brunswick, takes the prize as the longest absentee of this century.

That’s not hard to figure, since he has been absent from his home for all of it and then some. Eleven years in fact! He was found straying in Werribee, then brought to the Home, where our microchip scanner revealed his microchip number and our National Pet Register held his owner’s East Brunswick address and contact details.

To say that Kerry Strauss was surprised to receive a call from us is perhaps something of an understatement.
When we last spoke to her to see how things were going, she told us that Marmalade was settling down well. He had recognised and was pleased to greet his feline childhood friend Allegra again but wasn’t too pleased about a couple of interlopers Teapot and Little Meow, who had taken residence in his absence. The claws were out, and territorial claims needed to be renegotiated!

Kerry said that Marmalade had obviously been loved and well cared for in his “lost years” and, through the Herald-Sun story that reported this incident, offered to return him to those who had cared for him for over a decade. No-one contacted her to take up the offer and it is unlikely that Marmalade himself will undertake yet another odyssey at his age.