My cat Snoosels

A born wanderer, my cat Snoosels has two microchips and a collar with two tags. He has twice wandered off and because he was either intercepted or disorientated, been lost for weeks at a time.

About two years ago he went missing for five days and was found by a kind lady in a local park approximately 6km from home. The lady took Snoosels to the local vet clinic where he was scanned and found to have a microchip. They called me and we were reunited!

More recently Snoosels went been missing for a month, and this time I thought I would never see him again. However, once again his microchip saved the day! I believe this time he was taken by someone and transported over to the other side of the city, from Glen Iris to St Albans! He then fortunately managed to escape (which he is very good at doing) and was picked up and taken to a local vet clinic.

On both occasions Snoosels had either lost his collar and tags or had them removed. So I am very grateful for the fact that he had microchips as backup identification!

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