The case of the stolen Doberman

A girlfriend of mine, Kirsten, once bought a purebred Doberman called Traddles. At the time, microchipping was relatively new and was not well known in the community as a form of pet identification. However, Kirsten’s father, who was a vet, saw the value in microchipping and so microchipped Traddles.

Kirsten and Traddles enjoyed two years together until, one unfortunate day, Kirsten came home to find that Traddles was missing. She did everything she could to try to find Traddles; she contacted the Local Council, Animal Welfare Organisations and put up posters everywhere. However there was no sign of her and Kirsten after many weeks of searching accepted the fact that Traddles was gone.

Approximately five years later, Kirsten got a call from a vet clinic to say that a Doberman had been brought to them that was microchipped with Kirsten’s details. Kirsten was amazed (and excited!) to think that after all that time she would finally be reunited with Traddles!