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Dead pets saved from tip

[Feature article from Moreland Leader, 26 May 08]

Moreland Council has changed its procedures for handling dead pets after a Glenroy family’s dog was dumped at a tip in January.

The procedure overhaul followed a Leader report that microchipped pets without registration tags found dead on Moreland streets were dumped at Epping tip, with families left in the dark (Leader, January 21).

In a council report, city…

The case of the stolen Doberman

A girlfriend of mine, Kirsten, once bought a purebred Doberman called Traddles. At the time, microchipping was relatively new and was not well known in the community as a form of pet identification. However, Kirsten’s father, who was a vet, saw the value in microchipping and so microchipped Traddles.

Kirsten and Traddles enjoyed two years together until, one unfortunate day, Kirsten came home to find that Traddles was missing. She…